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Summit Human Capital, LLC, was founded on January 18th, 2018. Glenn Diersen, Founder and President, launched Summit Human Capital to bring necessary innovation to the IT human capital industry. Human Capital is defined as “A measure of the economic value of an employee’s skill set.” We understand that without the proper human capital, organizations from Non-Profits to Fortune 500 companies will not succeed. We were founded to provide those resources and both our career seekers and clients see this through our delivery and execution on a continuous basis by connecting talent to opportunity through means of Direct Hire, Contract-to-Hire and Project Based Resources.

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Career Seekers

We fully understand that job hunting can often be a daunting experience. Together, we help transform this process into an enjoyable experience as we work together to connect you to a job that matches your career ambitions and skillsets. We take the time to understand your long-term objectives and assist you in achieving them.

Climbing to the Summit should be a rewarding journey and part of the reason we were founded was to ensure that all of our career seekers have the most positive experience possible each step of the way!

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"We struggled finding a staff aug individual with the skills we needed. We spent months looking for the right fit with no success - trying our own marketing as well as pulling in other firms to assist. Then I took a call from Summit Human Capital and found a staff that was committed to ensuring they could help us out. Glenn and his group are tenacious and don't give up when it comes to finding the right people for the right job. Summit listened to my story and patiently worked to understand my needs and what we needed, what we could offer, and what our limitations were. They were committed to finding a resource that fit the situation from both sides of the equation--someone who could deliver as an employee but who also was committed to being a part of our family. Summit delivered and delivered big time! We've now got the expertise and talent we needed thanks to their efforts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Summit Human Capital to anyone looking for IT resources."

— Chris, Technical Director


Qualified human capital is the most important asset to any team that strives to experience continued success.

We do not want client wasting time interviewing the wrong resource for the job so we consistently go above and beyond the norm to ensure our clients are speaking with fully vetted candidates. As a result, our clients continue to retain our services because of the time we bring back to our clients to move the needle forward to advance client mission.

We consistently go above and beyond the norm to ensure our clients are speaking with fully vetted career seekers. As a result, our clients continue to retain our services because of the time we bring back for them and the ability to move the needle forward to advance their mission.

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Industries Serviced


Through Summit Human Capital’s robust recruiting methodology, we support a wide variety of IT requirements covering numerous industries for our clients. These industries encompass the following: Information Technology, Healthcare, Government Services (Federal and SLED), Legal and Supply Chain.

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Government Services

Summit Human Capital Federal is a SBA Certified Small Business and technical professional services firm that brings world-class innovation to executing technology workforce solutions to the federal government contracting community.

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