Summit Human Capital Named Richmond BizSense’s #1 Fastest Growing Company In All Of Richmond, Virginia!

Summit Human Capital Named Richmond BizSense’s #1 Fastest Growing Company In All Of Richmond, Virginia! 3


Friends, Family, Business Associates & Fellow Colleagues,

I write to you today with uplifting news!

Summit Human Capital is excited to recently be acknowledged as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in all of Richmond, Virginia, according to the Richmond BizSense, a well-known business digital news publisher. Click here to check out the Richmond BizSense article to get a better idea over the award.

Summit Human Capital Named Richmond BizSense’s #1 Fastest Growing Company In All Of Richmond, Virginia! 4

We were humbled by the announcement that we were named the #1 Fastest Growing Company in all of Richmond, Virginia!  It was a truly special moment for our company and the history that has led to our fortunate growth.  To witness the sentimental moment behind this recognition, click here.

Aside from my brief speech, there are a few more words I’d like to share with you all, as serving you is the very reason we were founded in the first place.

In addition, I wanted to add a few words to invite you into Summit Human Capital’s journey from our inception to this moment of absolute gratitude and thankfulness for your support over the years.

This event recognizing our firm will be a night I will forever cherish for the rest of my life.

We were fortunate enough to be accepted into the prestigious, annual Richmond BizSense RVA 25 ceremony (Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies in Richmond, VA) and while in attendance, we listened as the narrator from the Richmond BizSense went literally one by one down the list from 25 all the way to the #1 winning spot in the reveal ceremony. Once we made the top 5, we were sitting in even more anticipation. Four… three… two… and then… Summit Human Capital was called to the stage to accept the FIRST PLACE AWARD. Visualize that moment with me.

As the first place awardee, I was asked in an impromptu manner to speak at the event in front of so many deserving Founders, Entrepreneurs, Presidents and CEOs who have put it all on the line, what an honor that was.

I kept my speech short and sweet and expressed gratitude to everyone who has enabled us to get to this point in our journey, but there was much more I wish I had time to have relayed to such a dynamic audience.

If I had more time, I would have stated that this journey has not all been roses and dandies. Our first year in business one of my CPA Advisors made it clear we had just six months left to turn things around or we would close shop. Imagine that feeling… it was so real and so deep. I still remember exactly where I was sitting and even his facial impressions when he told me. Then COVID-19 hit and half our business washed away almost overnight once again imposing fear into my heart from strategic advisors I trust.

But I NEVER GAVE UP. Our amazing A-Player Summit Human Capital Family NEVER GAVE UP. We fight and we will ALWAYS FIGHT. It’s our RESPONSIBLITY TO FIGHT to SERVE YOU and to positively change lives. We are Mission Driven and when your company WHY serves such a larger purpose aligned with absolute grit and perseverance, all the external factors will never matter because YOU KNOW what you are providing is changing the world and that is how all my comrades at Summit Human Capital and I feel every day.

I write this message to you all because life presents so many hurdles and so many punches. You don’t hear about the thousands of companies that have not made it these last few years which breaks my heart. But with that in mind, we will fight even harder.

For four years now since I founded this firm we all love dearly, I have woken up every day at 4:30AM to see the moon as I smile on the way to work. The first two years, I didn’t see my beloved wife and friends, as you would have thought my Saturday and Sunday were no different than a Monday. My supportive wife and I could barely afford to go to the grocery store so we opted into tuna out of a can for over a year. There was no outside funding, no Angel Investors, no Venture Capitalists.

I bring the raw story to your attention because I want you to know we put it all on the line to serve our Mission of positively changing lives every day. When our backs are against the wall, we will always stand tall because it’s our very commitment to those we serve.

As all of us that represent the Summit Human Capital Family reflect on this achievement, my heart is full of gratitude.

I’ve always struggled to give myself a moment to smell the roses as they say, but I can certainly smell the sweet fragrance today. I hope you can smell them with me.

THANK YOU everyone for your support these last 3.5 years. Let’s all build each other up and help each grow.

Let’s keep climbing, together.

At Summit Human Capital, we’ve been assisting companies and job seekers with remote work issues for years. Give us a call and see how we can help you match jobs + talent!     

Glenn R. Diersen Jr. 

Founder & President

2201 W. Broad Street, Suite 208

Richmond, VA 23220


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