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PTO Packages, Work Productivity and Burnout Risk

PTO Packages, Work Productivity and Burnout Risk What do companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Evernote, Hubspot, GitHub, and Dropbox have in common? Besides being some of the heaviest hitters in the tech industry, they all offer their employees unlimited paid (personal) time off or PTO. Does this approach make sense for you or your company? … Read More

Overcoming Job-Seeking Obstacles to Land Your Dream Job

If you are looking for a new career opportunity in today’s job market, then you know: The struggle is REAL! The sheer number of hoops candidates must jump through to maybe get an interview is staggering. We feel your pain! To help you navigate the hiring process, we’ve addressed three of the main pain points … Read More

5 Regional Hotspots in the Ever-Changing IT Jobs Market

While Silicon Valley and New York City continue to be major tech hubs, the old guard doesn’t call the shots in the IT labor market anymore. For instance, the high cost of living in San Jose has driven tech companies and workers to seek more affordable pastures. Plus, with the rise of remote teams, location … Read More

Remote Work: The New Standard for IT Jobs?

Employees Expect a Work-From-Home Option More than half of employees in the US already work remotely at least once a week. Remote work is becoming the norm, particularly in the IT industry.  57% of IT employees worked remotely in 2016, and more companies are offering remote work every year. As remote work becomes more mainstream, … Read More

The Positive Effect of AI On The Job Market

The Positive Effect of AI on the Job Market Popular media keeps announcing the effect of artificial intelligence (AI) on the job market will be negative. Others are even warning us about the end of civilization due to smart machines. Still, insightful businesses have been applying AI and machine learning to create new opportunities for … Read More

5 Ways to Spot Phishing Scams Aimed at Your Workforce

Like most employers, you likely need your workforce to communicate freely and operate somewhat independently. The fact that you can’t control your employees’ every move makes threat awareness education imperative. There are many threats to information security that human beings enable. Humans are particularly vulnerable to the threat of Phishing. According to ISACA, Phishing is … Read More

IT Talent Shortage Risks And Solutions

How To Handle The Emerging Risk Of Our IT Talent Shortage According to Gartner, talent shortage is the top emerging risk facing organizations today. This situation is particularly painful when seeking IT workers as revealed by Harvey Nash and KPMG. In their annual CIO Survey, 65 percent of CIOs said hiring challenges are damaging the … Read More

How To Improve Communication Within Your IT Department

Whether you are part of a global IT team, a local IT department or an outsourced IT solution, you likely face daily challenges with communication. Ineffective communication is an expensive time-suck that wastes valuable resources. Not knowing who to go to or who to ask within your own department can be extremely frustrating, and your … Read More