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Summit Human Capital, LLC, was founded on January 18th, 2018, to bring necessary innovation to the IT human capital industry. Human Capital is defined as “A measure of the economic value of an employee’s skill set.” We understand that without the proper human capital, organizations from Non-Profits to Fortune 500 companies will not succeed. We were founded to provide those resources and both our career seekers and clients see this through our delivery and execution on a continuous basis by connecting career passion to client mission through means of Project Based, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire engagements.

Summit Human Capital specializes in providing IT human capital solutions to a diverse portfolio of industries including: Information Technology, Healthcare, Government Services (Federal and SLED), Legal, Logistics and more.

We stay committed to our Mission and Vision exemplified through our set of Key Core Values (KCVs).

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Our Mission

Summit Human Capital serves the world by creating partnerships through deep and profound relationships to bridge the gap between our career seekers and clients by aligning career seekers passions with client missions. We positively change lives and elevate communities through our unwavering commitment to our Key Core Values enabling us to be the most premier technology workforce solutions provider.

Our Vision

To be recognized by the Global Technology Community as the industry leader with proven success in the technology workforce solutions space. We radically disrupt industry standards by our continued commitment to the human centric values that unite us. Together we are enhancing the ever-changing world where humans and businesses interact.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Summit Human Capital we celebrate A-Players from all walks of life. Different perspectives and backgrounds allow us to widen our global impact. Our commitment to our Key Core Values supports our efforts towards embracing and fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace culture. We encourage each person to be their authentic self, in and outside of the office.

Key Core Values (KCVs)

Our Key Core Values are:

  • Honesty – belief in the honesty/integrity of another and being trustworthy.
    • In all profound relationships, honesty is the most important attribute.
  • Openness – openly share ideas, information, knowledge and a demonstration of willingness to let all sides be heard.
    • A working environment where over-communicating and collaboration is encouraged is critical to achieve lasting and sustainable relationships.
  • Effort – fast paced, action orientation with purpose and decisiveness.
    • We give everything we have each and every day to deliver for our relationships – our clients and career seekers.
  • Excellence – strive for perfection with all relationships.
    • Relentless pursuit in achieving profound relationships with both our clients and career seekers.
  • Fun – maintain and enhance a working environment that fosters enjoyment.
    • We work diligently to establish a work-life rhythm.
  • Passion – intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.
    • We are extremely passionate about the relationships we create and build among our colleagues, clients and career seekers.
  • Respect – to consider worthy of high regard.
    • We respect every relationship equally and consider all worthy of the highest regard. Titles are no excuse to treat anyone in a disrespectful manner and disrespecting others is not tolerated.

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Relationships are vital, and we understand results is what our clients and career seekers expect from us.Which is why they both only look to us when in need – we deliver. We do this by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of the industry through our commitment to our Key Core Values.

Through our robust recruiting methodology, vetting process and comprehensive understanding of Information Technology, we rise to the challenge of matching career passion with client mission and in fact, embrace that challenge with excitement. By means of pure determination and dedication in assisting our career seekers to always reach for the Summit, we are not just creating more meaningful lives for our career seekers, but also for our clients by providing them the human capital they need to exceed their goals and initiatives.

We are your Premier Technology Workforce Solutions Parnter committed to creating lasting partnerships with all our clients and career seekers. Summit Human Capital provides the platform for our career seekers and clients to enhance their lives.

At Summit Human Capital, connecting career passion to client mission is our specialty. We take pride in consistent outreach to our career seekers and clients. We are not a vendor, but rather your lifetime partner.

While most talk, we listen.

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