Fastest Growing Richmond Technology Workforce Solution’s Firm Makes D.C. Its Next Summit

Fastest Growing Richmond Technology Workforce Solution's Firm Makes D.C. Its Next Summit 5

One of the region’s fastest-growing companies is keeping the pace.

Summit Human Capital, a Richmond-based technology workforce solutions firm, last month expanded with a new office in the Washington, D.C. area.

It’s the company’s second office, adding to its home base at the Book Bindery Building on Broad Street, and helps bring founder and president Glenn Diersen back to his professional roots in the D.C. government contracting scene.

Prior to founding Summit in 2018, Diersen worked for a large staffing firm in the nation’s capital. He’s had his eye on returning to that sector but had to wait, in part to let a non-compete agreement from his previous employer run its course.

“My career began in this space,” Diersen said. “I learned what it means to be a government contracting firm and supporting the government contracting community.”

With that window now reopened, Diersen said Summit is diving in full bore.

Summit opened the new office in November with four full-time Associates on the ground in Northern Virginia. Diersen said they’ve leased short-term space in a WeWork location to start.

He said they hit the ground running with contracts already in place, though he said he’s prohibited from naming the clients due to non-disclosure agreements.

“We’ll team with a prime contractor, firms that have a direct relationship with a government agency,” he said, adding that Summit is focused on providing IT workforce solutions as a subcontractor for federal civilian, FedHealth and Department of Homeland Security work.

Fastest Growing Richmond Technology Workforce Solution's Firm Makes D.C. Its Next Summit 6

The expansion comes on the heels of Summit topping this year’s RVA 25 list of the fastest-growing companies in the Richmond region thanks to revenue growth of nearly 2,500 percent over the last three years.

Diersen said he expects the new government services practice to push that growth to new heights over time.

“I say with full confidence D.C. will be one of our largest offices,” he said.

Diersen expects the company’s internal headcount in D.C. to reach eight by summer 2022. That will add to Summit’s growing workforce, both internally and those out in the field working contracts.

He said the company has 120 employees in total, including 16 internally. It has an additional 12 in-house positions open in human resources, accounts receivable, account management, and technical recruiting.

Diersen, 30, said the new government services division also helps keep the startup energy flowing at the young company.

“This is another startup within a startup. This is not just opening another office in Raleigh or Atlanta offering private sector services,” he said. “This is a completely new practice.”

Fastest Growing Richmond Technology Workforce Solution's Firm Makes D.C. Its Next Summit 7



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