Summit Human Capital: World-Class Culture

Summit Human Capital: World-Class Culture 1

Established by Founder and President Glenn R. Diersen Jr., Summit Human Capital, LLC has positively changed hundreds of lives. Its launching was to bring necessary innovation to the technology workforce solutions industry. Diersen believes that a lack of proper human capital can hold back the success of organizations, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

Thus, Summit Human Capital aims to provide these resources by connecting career passions with client missions through project-based and contract-to-hire partnerships.  Both its clients and career seekers witness Summit’s commitment to this mission through their continuous execution and delivery.

Presently, the company offers IT human capital solutions to various industries, including logistics, legal, healthcare, information technology, government services (SLED and Federal), and many more.

Challenges Faced by Summit Human Capital 

The labor shortage is among the firm’s most significant challenges associated with technology workforce solutions. Despite recent layoffs from “Big Tech,” the demand and supply of tech still favor the talent instead of the employer. Diersen explains, “We address these challenges through our consultative approach to ensure we present opportunities that align the authentic passions of the talent we are so blessed to represent with the mission of the clients we serve.”

Summit Human Capital differentiates itself from others in the industry with its comprehensive benefits package and its financial commitment to continuous professional development and education.  Furthermore, the company has also formed a creative partnership with its global network to represent talent from across the globe to its client base through the company’s immigration program.

What Makes Summit Human Capital Unique?

The company’s vision is to be recognized by the Global Technology Community as an industry leader with proven success in the technology workforce solutions space. Diersen adds, “We radically disrupt standards by our continued commitment to the humancentric values that unite us. Together we are enhancing the ever-changing world where humans and businesses interact.”

The firm holds many competitive advantages in the ever-rising workforce solutions landscape, from its proprietary technology to its Comprehensive Candidate Vetting Process (CVP.) The company stays committed to its Seven Key Core Values: Honesty, Openness, Effort, Excellence, Fun, Passion, and Respect. These serve as Summit Human Capital’s North Star and guidance for making challenging decisions repeatedly.

When asked what inspires the Summit Human Capital Family to get out of bed daily, Diersen answers, “This is the easiest question yet! The answer is simple: we are so blessed that we wake up daily to CHANGE LIVES and sometimes SAVE LIVES. We will cease to exist if we are not passionate about our Mission of positively changing lives. It’s our responsibility that we do not take lightly, nor will we ever.” Our associates’ motivation and dedication to improving lives have led to the company’s success.

Summit Human Capital has received many awards and recognitions over the years. To begin with, five years after its establishment, the company became the number one fastest-growing technology workforce solutions firm in the United States and ranked 20th overall industry-agnostic with its 14,413% revenue growth over the last three years.

Also, RichmondBizSense listed Summit Human Capital as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in Greater Richmond Metropolitan Region (2021). Summit Human Capital’s Founder & President, Glenn R. Diersen Jr., is highly decorated in nationally known publications, including SIA ’40 Under 40′ 2021, ‘Forbes Next 1000 2021’ and Virginia Business ‘Top 100 People to Meet in 2023’ in the State of Virginia.

Summit Human Capital is grateful for all these recognitions, but what drives Summit Human Capital is the Mission of changing lives by doing what’s right and never what’s easy. Success comes when our focus and values are in the right place, which is how we prioritize our company.

Genesis of Summit Human Capital 

A company’s success can be boiled down to a single factor: its human capital. As Napolean Hill once stated, “Ideas are the beginning point of all fortunes.” Glenn Diersen Jr, the Founder and President of Summit Human Capital states “And yes that quote may be spot on and relevant, one thing I want to add, there are no ideas being executed without the necessary human capital to bring forth that execution.  We talk about knowledge being power, but knowledge is only power if it’s applied – applied knowledge of power. It’s the same concept of ideas and disruption. The human capital is behind all of that. That’s why we are so passionate about what we do here.”

The company’s genesis is the WHO component. The team fundamentally believes that who they hire is the most crucial decision they will ever make. The term utilized here is “A Player Only” culture, both as a person and a professional, inside and outside work. Glenn says, “If one does not live out our Key Core Values, we will neither hire nor retain associates. We are growing at an  unprecedented rate through our culture, not at the expense of it.”

Summit Human Capital: Future Plans

The firm is rapidly expanding into the Midwest and Southeast. From there, the company plans to scale into new global regions. The company’s clients require the leaders to meet them where they are, irrespective of the country or region. The key idea behind the expansion of Summit Human Capital is that it wants to focus on getting better. Through this focus, its clients will force them to global, go big.

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