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Generation Z: How to Attract, Hire and Retain Your Future Workforce

Who are Generation Z, and what do they value? Generation Z have been defined as those people born between 1996 and 2010 or as anyone born after 1997. They are the most racially diverse generation of US Americans, and 25% of all Gen Z  are Hispanic. Similar to Millennials, who inherited the job market of … Read More

Cyber Threats: Protecting Your Business in A Remote Work World

Opportunistic criminals abound in the era of COVID-19. With the huge increase in remote work, bad actors are out in force with sneaky phishing schemes and cyber-attacks. (Because the health and safety, business continuity and PPP loan compliance issues weren’t bad enough already!) Thankfully, several government agencies have provided free resources and guidance on how … Read More

How To Maintain AND Scale Culture In A Remote Workforce

Shared underlying beliefs and values shape any organization. Even in business, we find common ground in things we consider to be fundamentally important. That is company culture in a nutshell, and it’s critical for any organization’s success. Rapid growth for any company can be a challenge, and today’s remote work realities make it even harder. … Read More

Why Diversity and Inclusion is a Must for Every Tech Company

The undeniable benefits of a diverse workforce. Businesses are beginning to accept the need for a more diverse and inclusive workforce as conventional wisdom. A series of company case studies have shown a clear connection between diversity and business outcomes. For example, one study conducted by Accenture found that companies with disabled persons well represented … Read More

The Full Adoption & Impact Of Remote Tech Work Due To COVID-19

  Even though the remote work trend was already increasing, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the process into hyperdrive. The new reality is that everyday people now use advanced connectivity tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Team, and many others. If brick-an-mortar businesses and families have adopted collaborative tech, what does this mean for … Read More

How to Seamlessly Onboard Physically Distanced Employees

So you’re new to remote onboarding… Despite the number of remote work assignments being on the rise prior to the outbreak, remote work was still the exception, not the rule. Now that you have no choice but to physically distance yourself from staff, your well-established, on-site onboarding procedures have all been thrown out the window. … Read More

How Covid-19 Impacts The Tech Job Market – Some Good News

The current Coronavirus pandemic has dealt a crushing blow to the world economy. Every sector has been hit hard, and the IT space is far from exempt. Still, if we look carefully, the crisis has actually stimulated need in some areas. Let’s take a look at the new tech job opportunities arising out of the … Read More

No Time To Waste. How To Hire IT Talent Faster In Tight Jobs Market.

In the tight IT labor market, there’s a huge disconnect between how long candidates are available (days) and how long employers take to select a candidate (weeks). In one of the tightest labor markets in history, IT workers disappear from the market in a flash. Meanwhile, companies are left shorthanded. What are some ways to … Read More

5 Proven Ways To Stay Productive During The Holidays

5 Proven Ways To Stay Productive & Achieve Your Goals During the Holidays: Imagine two holiday scenarios. One, you’re exhausted, overworked, stressed, and of course the finale, a big fight at a holiday dinner. The second, you’re worn out a bit, but you breeze through the holidays enjoying yourself and bringing good cheer to others. … Read More

Overcoming Job-Seeking Obstacles to Land Your Dream Job

If you are looking for a new career opportunity in today’s job market, then you know: The struggle is REAL! The sheer number of hoops candidates must jump through to maybe get an interview is staggering. We feel your pain! To help you navigate the hiring process, we’ve addressed three of the main pain points … Read More

Remote Work: The New Standard for IT Jobs?

Employees Expect a Work-From-Home Option More than half of employees in the US already work remotely at least once a week. Remote work is becoming the norm, particularly in the IT industry.  57% of IT employees worked remotely in 2016, and more companies are offering remote work every year. As remote work becomes more mainstream, … Read More

5 Ways to Spot Phishing Scams Aimed at Your Workforce

Like most employers, you likely need your workforce to communicate freely and operate somewhat independently. The fact that you can’t control your employees’ every move makes threat awareness education imperative. There are many threats to information security that human beings enable. Humans are particularly vulnerable to the threat of Phishing. According to ISACA, Phishing is … Read More

How To Improve Communication Within Your IT Department

Whether you are part of a global IT team, a local IT department or an outsourced IT solution, you likely face daily challenges with communication. Ineffective communication is an expensive time-suck that wastes valuable resources. Not knowing who to go to or who to ask within your own department can be extremely frustrating, and your … Read More